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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do People Find My Website?

How do people find your online casino on the Internet? 2000 or so indexing systems are available on the Web called "search engines," known by strange names such as Yahoo, Lycos, Hot Bot, AltaVista, and Web Crawler. With the help of our Webmaster, we register your online casino website with these indexes. Then, when someone searches for key words such as "gambling," "casino," or "blackjack" they find your online casino website listed with similar firms. They click on your online casino website name and immediately begin to view your Website. We will also include your site into all related newsgroups giving your website immediate world-wide exposure and use our contacts around the world to ensure proper placements in other various forums. Certain Search Engines Charge a fee.

Why Use 4Cast Marketing

Many other Internet marketing companies fill their pages with promises to send you thousands of hits over night, but what they fail to inform you on is the fact that these hits are coming from "anywhere and everywhere" (random). It's these marketing methods (designed to hook you in strictly based on the allure of the sheer numbers) that, on average, only yield 0.01% conversion from traffic to sales.

Simply put, what they give you:

50,000 "random" hits will generate, on average, only 5 prospects (50,000 X 0.01%). All traffic sent to your site by 4Cast Marketing will be related to your specific product or service. Let's face it, combining the right people with the right product or service will convert these people into potential clients.


When Would a Casino Become Profitable?

Marketing is the key to success. What is required is Internet Traffic. The Marketing section will list firms that specialize in acquiring Internet traffic. Keep in mind one needs to spend money to make money. A reasonable expectation for a return on your marketing investment is approximately 9 months. There are Internet gaming operations spending huge amount of money every month in their marketing budget. Internet casino companies not spending money on marketing are losing money.

How to get gamblers to come to the website.

That is the BIGGEST secret on the Internet today. TRAFFIC. It should be no surprise to you that Yahoo is #1.

But beyond name recognition, there are many creative ways to generate traffic. An Internet casino operator will need to spend money advertising or bringing in traffic, and this is the determining factor of an online casino's success. Most of the expense a company will face in this venture is marketing.

Simply listing a casino in search engines like Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Excite, etc. will not get the traffic required. A search in Yahoo! for "Casino" comes back with Millions of web pages. A Marketing Plan is absolutely necessary for a successful Internet gambling business.

Most companies contract with a firm to handle marketing for them. Some casinos also do the marketing on their own.
The most common marketing strategies are the following:
  • Banner advertisements
  • Sign Up Bonuses
  • Exit Traffic and "pop-up" browser ads
  • E-mail campaigns and newsletters
  • Search engine optimization
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