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Millions of people are getting wired daily creating the potential for any Internet based business with an aggressive and properly structured marketing campaign to flourish. Mass postings and random banner exchanges, although once quite successful, only adequately fulfill today's needs.

One of the most important parts of launching your website is marketing . 4Cast specializes in ongoing Internet marketing services; this assures that your website continues to thrive in an ever-changing World Wide Web. There are many avenues to market your site: search engine registration, directories, award sites, banners, newsgroups, and don't forget off-line advertising. 4Cast only specializes in online marketing, which allows us to be a leader in our industry.

Submissions to the search engines must be repeated at monthly intervals due to the amount of registrations they receive. Our service includes manual submissions to a large number of search engines. In addition, we monitor your listings on a monthly basis. This ensures keeping your site at a premium listing. A site without marketing gets lost in cyberspace. 4Cast specialty is keeping your website visible on the highly traveled Internet. Targeted marketing brings in the traffic and increases sales.

Monthly Rank Monitoring and Maintenance

4Cast Marketing will monitor your listings and rankings for possible metatags changes on a monthly basis. This includes registration to the top 2000+ search engines, directories and award sites in your business category that accept monthly re-submissions. This number can vary due to website topic, but we do our best to put your business on as many as possible. This will reach both a general and a specific target audience. Submissions to the major engines are all done manually. .

6 months minimum is required to achieve results, this is due to the fact that it will take three to six months to get good coverage on the search engines.

Banner Advertising

If you are looking to buy banner advertising, our market research will provide assistance in optimizing your advertising dollars. Through collective studies, 4Cast Marketing will plan and purchase banner space on your behalf to place your ads.

4Cast Marketing will design your banner to improve click-through performance. Pricing for banner advertising is customized and completed on an individual basis.

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Note to Prospective Clients: It is highly recommended to do the entire 6 months marketing to achieve results. We highly encourage our clients to not only advertise on the internet, but also involve any off-line advertising or publishing that your business is doing already. This includes having your URL or web address on your business cards, stationary, brochures and commercials. Treat this as an extension of your business and it will bring in sales and profits.

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